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Tip #2 Uninstallation the Apple Way

Drag and Drop can work for uninstall as well as it does for installation.

Many people I get to know through my daily job a Comspot Schanze GmbH in Hamburg, really enjoy the common practice of mac apps to be installed just by dragging the app from a downloaded disk image to the program folder. When those people want to get rid of their drag and drop installed software, they just take the software, drag it to the trash und delete it.

Seems fine until here but there are files left behind that the app produces when it runs. These files are called preferences and are located in the, nowadays hidden, user library. Most times it is not damaging when preference files stay where they are after the app is gone but there are systems I’ve seen that have such a polluted preference folder that it hurts at last.

So we need an easy way for everybody to keep cleaning their mac. This is where the little app AppTrap comes into play. It’s a small system preference that once installed runs in the background without you noticing and without taking any noticeable working power are space from your computer. Anyway you will notice that AppTrap is running, when you throw an app to the trash. This is the time when a small window pops up and tells you that there are files belonging to that app you just have thrown away and asks if you want to throw them away along the app or keep them.

It’s works absolutely fine for me and my preference folder is clean and tidy.