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Samsung NX1 First Impressions

When I first laid hands on the NX1 ,it felt like "This is much more Nikon D200 than Samsung NX30/20". This first impression in the hand is further enhanced by the 16-50 S Zoom lens, which weights more than the camera body.
On the other hand, the first touch already told me that this beast means business. It's cold to the touch. It feels metallic on body and lens and the grip fits nicely in my hand.
After some time with the NX1, I know why I enjoyed the switch to mirrorless some years ago. The NX11 I bought then and my recent NX300M is much more comfortable to carry around with me than the NX1. Even the Galaxy NX I had the opportunity to play with some time ago, is much more compact than the NX1. The same goes for the 16-50 S zoom. Look at how big it is compared to the 85mm f1.4 and the 50-200mm zoom.

Apart from the outer handling and feeling, which leaves me torn whether to like it or not, the image quality is so far outstanding and I enjoy noticing that my lens line-up seems to be able to handle the resolution nicely. What struck me most in terms of sensor performance is the absolute absence of noise up to ISO 800 and the great dynamic range. It was a good decision by Samsung to stay with the trusted and true 20MP sensor until this beast was ready, instead of trying with incremental upgrades.

The Shot below is a 100% crop shot at ISO 500 with the 60mm Macro at 5.6. 

Something that I don't know what to think of so far, is the autofocus. It is fast. Really fast. Sadly I have had to many missed images than I would like. The old NX11 hadn't had the fastest autofocus but it was predictable and had a high hit rate. The NX1 doesn't seem to give me the same hit rate. I made the same observation with the Olympus OM-D EM5 I rented some days ago as my NX300M was sent in to service. The Olympus Autofocus was blazing fast but I had many more missed shot than I was used to. The same observation is true for the NX1 sadly. Maybe it's practice and I will report back on this in the full review.

Back to something positive, I really appreciate the customisability of the buttons and advance in software. Finally I can decide what every wheel will do in the different modes and I have a build in Intervalometer. Those are things, I missed since my D200 and options, a professional body should provide.

I have the NX1 for the coming two weeks and will write a review as I finish my thoughts on it! Until then, get out and shoot!

Some more sample images!

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