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Wrapping up the year - state of my nation

2015 has been very nice to me. I was able to enjoy most of the year in the company of my first son all day. Additionally the last quarter of 2015 brought a new, bigger flat and a new, more exciting, more challenging job to the table. It was a really really good year aside from my photography.
Concerning photography it has been an interesting year. I left Samsung and sold all my NX equipment to get back to DSLR. It was the right move for me for many reasons, not only for the fact that Samsung might ditch their NX camera business on the whole but also as I rediscovered the joy of seeing the world through a Pentaprism instead of a "crappy little television", to quote camerastoretv host Nick Devlin.
I also slimmed down my gear to only having four lenses (28mm, 50mm, 85mm and 135mm) ,the two wider ones being autofocus. It would have saved me some money and a lot of time if I had gotten to this point right after selling my mirrorless gear but this is not the way how life goes.
Concerning creativity I learned a lot from my One Month, One Lens project and will try to bring this experiment to 2016 as well. Aside from this, I mostly photographed my kid and tremendously enjoyed the faster AF perfomance of my SLR compared to my mirrorless before.
I learned to appreciate the "real" focal lengths of full frame and became a little addicted to my fast 28mm.

I also learnd the downs of bigger sensors, such as the corner performance of lenses, which has never been something I was very worried about with my APS-C, let alone 4/3rds, cameras.  Also, the Fullframe sensor hasn't brought as much to the table of image quality as I have though beforehand.
I don't know what 2016 will bring but 2015 ends very nicely for me and I'm looking forward anxiously.
A merry christmas and happy new year to all of you!