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One Month, One Lens #1.2 Conclusion on the 28mm

It's already been a month, I think to myself today, 11.10.2015 as I write this article. I wouldn't have though that time went by so fast and maybe it wouldn't, if there hadn't been a toddler around in my life.

I thought about it the other day; would I have made bigger steps if I had been out there photographing as much as I did prior to becoming the happiest dad in the world? I don't think so! My kid doesn't allow me to shoot as much as I did last year but that was beneficial to the project in my opinion. I tried to imagine framing, metering and subjects much more due to the fact that the camera wasn't there at all times. Or there was something else more important than pulling up the camera, or somebody tiny did pull the camera down in the decisive moment...

I did really enjoy the experiment. Firstly it made me realize how the 28mm focal length can be used and how to let opportunities pass without sorrow. On the other hand, it also made me realize, what I could do with my other lenses. Also I learned in which situations it would have been nice to be able to get in closer by using a longer focal length.
What's most important to me in the situations where I missed another lens, was that within a few seconds my brain started to figure out ways around the problem. May it be another composition if I could not get close enough or just turning around to look if there is something more interesting behind me. Restricting myself to one lens and one focal length made me compose my images more carefully, it made me think about subjects more intensely and it made me run after people to get closer.

I really enjoyed the experience and am already thinking about the second lens to stay on my camera for a month. For the thesis stated by Steve Huff, I don't know if the month made me a better photographer. It made me at least a more conscious photographer after all.