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Samsung NX Firmware Updates! Snappy!

It's a little tough to find Firmware on Samsung's homepage for your NX cameras and lenses but it is worth it.

I feel like digging around for ages every time on the Samsung page and then hit google anyway. The Support Section for their lenses and cameras is crowded to navigate and I seem to be unable to find the upgrades I search for. This is why I often really late to find out about new Firmware for my lenses and cameras. Anyway, I did manage to check it the other day and there have been two Updates late last year which do improve on the focusing of the 85mm and the handling speed of the NX300M.

The Firmware Version for the 85mm can be found here. It is version 1.12 and it improves greatly on focusing accuracy. I find my 85mm to hunt much less since the update and it feels a little faster all around.

The Upgrade for the NX300M brings to camera up to version 1.15 and can be found here. There doesn't seem to be any big obvious changes I could make out but the overall handling of the camera seems to have become snappier. I also feel like they have improved on the accuracy of the peeking feature (which would be a very welcome and overdue change…) but I need to check that with my manual glas more thoroughly.
I used my NX300M yesterday to take some night images and it didn't hang ones the whole time, which was happing now and then before the update. Lets hope for the best.