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One Month One Lens #1 28mm

Some days ago, adoramatv posted a video on youtube rediscovering an article, Steve Huff wrote back in June 2011 about how shooting with a single focal length over a period of half a year can benefit your creativity. The guy in the video made a challenge out of it, where he asked his colleague to go out with just one lens for one day and see what it does to their photography. I knew that article by Steve Huff already and thought to myself that one day might be a little too short. Everyone has gone with just one focal length for a day sometime and it didn't make their creativity explode. Half a year though is a pretty long time, so as  it was exactly one month till my little toddler goes to KiTa (which is like pre-Kindergarten in Germany), I decided do this one month long: One month, One lens!

I chose my 28mm f1.8 Canon lens as it is the most flawed lens in my current line-up. It is however the lens with the most character to put it positively and the normal choices around that focal length would naturally be either 24mm or 35mm. On the other hand the Leica Q makes do with an 28mm f1.8 as the only option.

It has only been five days now but I don't want to post a review just after that month. I want to let you guys be part of the experience while it lasts. My first day with the 28mm alone on the streets made me realize how wide 28mm are after all. Then today showed me how narrow 28mm is, when you're out, shooting architecture. I'm starting to figure out the focal length in my head slowly and steadily and it is an interesting progress for oneself.

In the coming weeks, I will try to use the 28mm as versatile as possible. I will keep you posted!