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Samsung announces NX3000

Samsung yesterday announced its newest entry into the mirrorless world, the NX3000. It is an update to the entry level NX2000 but borrows a lot from its bigger brother the NX300M. The smaller brother gets the 180° tillable screen albeight a little smaller at 3” compared to 3.3”, with a lower resolution and without the touch capability. The sensor insight the NX3000 is a downgraded version of the APS-C sensor in the NX300M losing the Phasedetect AF Pixels but inert the better image processing of the NX300M compared to the older versions of Samsungs 20MP Sensor.
The new camera has the usual Samsung lineup of feature like Wi-Fi, NFC, social sharing, as well as 5fps continuous shooting, FullHD movie recording at 30fps and ISO 100-25600.
The big point about the NX3000 is that you get the new camera at a msrp of just 479$ with the 20-50mm kit or 529$ with the new 16-50 PD OS power zoom lens. This makes the NX3000 the lowest priced interchangeable lens camera considering msrps.
The camera comes in black, brown and white leather look like the NX300 and NX300M.

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