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Aperture is dead, long live Aperture

Apple confirmed that they will cease development of Aperture after patching it to be compatible with Yosemite... and then there will be Photos.

At first I thought oh my god, apple is kicking Aperture for a little bit more iPhoto. After some research and some thinking about it, it might be a better decision than I first thought. It seems that Apple is ditching their old database structure for a mysql database which should help fix those awful picture multiplications iPhoto does all the time when its database is starting to get to big. Furthermore, there seems to be less tools in Photos than there are in Aperture which is not at all surprising but there seems to be a plugin interface for third parties to build the features they need Photos to have just like Aperture but much better than iPhoto.

Apple told us that it will be possible to migrate our old Aperture and iPhoto libraries to Photos. Sounds great and might be the way to go for iPhoto users. For the Aperture crowd one has to wait and see what Photos will be capable of in practice. I think it will be a one way trip for your library when migrating to Photos as it is a new database basis.

I am Stil working on my next lessons on Aperture and those will come in any case. At the same time I’ve started using Lightroom some time ago and will be trying out different other raw converters as alternatives to Aperture and the move to photos. I will be looking into Capture One Pro 7, Raw Therapee and DXO Optics Pro. Stay tuned for the comparison.

Edit: DXO Optics Pro 9 is already ruled out. It doesn’t support Adobe DNG, which my whole library is converted to, as Aperture needs DNG to interpret the NX20s files...