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One Month, One Lens #2 50mm

In advance: I have shot lots of very nice images with 50mm lenses. I also hate the 50mm focal length.
When you read an article about which lens every photographer should own, the answer normally is a 50mm. When I refer to 50mm in this post, I talk in 35mm terms, i.e. 30-35mm on APS-C, 25mm on Fourthirds and 18mm on 1". I have tried a lot of 50mm from Nikon, Samsung, Sigma, Canon and Olympus. I don't get a connection to them, even though I managed to get some great results out of them. The 50mm was always the most unliked lens in my arsenal but also the one I definitely wanted to master, because everybody has to have a 50mm after all... hasn't he?

Well, I see that differently today as I found out, that I'm more of a 28mm and 35mm guy in street photography. For portrait I tend to use 85mm. And that's fine! For me the 50mm isn't close enough or wide enough. It is too close or too wide.
Anyhow, against everything I said to this point, I decided to try it once more and do a "One month One lens" on a 50mm. So I started the month of February with my newly acquired 50mm f1.8 Series E, glued to my Nikon D750.
I decided to buy the 50mm Series E after trying out the 50mm f1.4 Sigma Art because of the diminutive size and the good enough image quality. I haven't enjoyed the Sigma as it did not pay with huge image quality for its huge size.

Let's get back onto the topic, I'm walking with my 50mm Series E f1.8 lens on my Nikon D750 since the 1st of February. I'm quite enjoying the mechanical side of things. The little lens is unobtrusive, quick to focus and fits in every pocket, while maintaining a normal 52mm filter thread. I have the second version of the lens which is much more metal than the first plastik fantastik!
On the optical side, it is reasonably sharp wide open and very nice from f2.8 to f11. The bokeh is not particularly beautiful but also not distracting at all. The lens is not my Nikkor-H (85mm f1.8) after all but I like the image quality.
The 50mm produces the same nice, muted colors the Nikkors of old days always did. They are true-to-life and very nicely gradable.

I enjoy shooting with it but I'm just not getting the field of view in my inner eye, as I've got with the 28mm. I see a scene and think about composition, take the camera to my eye and either I'm too close or too far away. Readjusting and the right moment is gone...
For what I like the lens a lot is architectural work, as it has very little distortion. I'm a bit fed up with distortion after suffering quite a bit from my 24-120 f4. The Series E 50mm is nicely straight in its lines, producing a pleasing look for my architectural work.
So far it's hit and miss in street photography but nice for landscape and architecture. I'm curious what I will say by the end of this month.