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NX 1(1), 2(0), 3(00M)... Last chance for Samsung?

So, my NX20 is gone and a new Samsung has come into my house. Hopefully the NX300M will stay for longer than the NX20.

It is not clear yet, if there will be a follow up to the service on the NX20 but I’m out of it as of now. Instead of trying out the Samsung service again, the Photohaus took the broken NX20 from me and made a really nice price for the NX300M with 16-50 PZ Kit.


This is my third NX camera and I hope, it will stay with me as long as my first, the NX11, which was mine for 2 1/2 years and got me started in this system.


As my last blogpost suggested, I’m not as happy anymore with the Samsung NX, as I was when I changed from the NX11 to the NX20. I hope, the NX300M will change that feeling to a better. As of now, it is a new feeling, having a camera without a viewfinder. Apart from this, the NX300M seems to perform on par with the Galaxy NX and maybe even better (time will tell). The body feels really sturdy and the touch screen is a nice addition.


I will post some more impressions over the coming weeks, as I get to know the new camera better.

All pictures in this post were shot with the new 16-50 PZ. I really enjoy this lens. It seems to be much sharper than the old 18-55 and the operation is a breeze. It is also much better build than the old plasticky 18-55.