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Yeah, it's transparent... Yesterdays Keynote.

Yesterdays Keynote left me underwhelmed.

Yeah, the multitasking feature in Mail for iOS is great and the possibility to pop your phone into the dock at home while chatting through your mac has something to it as well. The real big things about the new iOS and MacOS is solid evolution and new tools for the developers out there.

The unified look is really pleasant I think, even though I want to seriously hurt the person that made the Finder icon smile that dumb. The new feature iCoud Disk gets us back our
iDisk which is sweet and the possibility to sent big attachments via this service directly from mail is the reason I left Mail two years ago for Postbox...

The notification centre is mostly turned off on my personal computer but might see a revival as an alternative for the dashboard, featuring less wasted space.

The fact that spotlight has gone from the unobtrusive small money saver on the upper right corner to
Sherlock on steroids is a reminiscence I have to use to be sure if I like it or not... It seems to complicate things at the moment.

So, no new iPhone, no new Mac Mini, still the old 13” in the Store and the pro software is the same as before as well... As I said up front I left me underwhelmed!

If you want to see the whole shiny and nearly new go