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Tip #3 Using old Airport Stations and Utility in Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks

I got a lot of Questions from customers about how they would be able to use their old Airport Express with a new computer. The old Airport Express G and N need the Airport Utility 5.6.1. This version doesn’t work under Mavericks as Apple has change a Framework inside the system. There is a way of using the old Airport Utility by altering the Framework but it needs to be done every time you want to launch the old utility.
I went online and searched for an easier solution. What I stumbled upon is a nice tutorial on how to do it and a ready to use Utility including a special launching script to go with it, so that the user won’t have to change the Framework every single time.

Instead of posting the whole thing again I though “Credit where credit is due!”. Here is the link to
corey mahler, the guy who fixed my airport utility!

If you don’t care how he does it and just want the app, you can grab it right here!