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One Month One Lens #1.1 28mm

It has been another week with the 28mm f1.8 glued to my 5D. Recently I've figured out more and more what the field of view of that 28mm is like. I played around a lot with trying to look in 28mm as well. It is as if the field of view of the lens ends just shortly outside the borders of my sharp sight.

To concentrate myself more on the compositional capabilities of 28mm, I shot in an "f8 and be there" mode. The lens was set to
hyperfocal most of the time, which gives roughly 2m to infinity of depth at f8. I noticed that I tried to anticipate shots a lot more and planed them ahead of shooting. Somehow you calm down when you don't have to think about depth of field and focus and just concentrate on composition. Like Vincent Laforet in his "pro photographer, cheap camera" - challenge, I sometimes stood there waiting for the human element to arrive to the shot, I had envisioned.

So far I'm really happy with my experiment and I have to say that I wish, I had thought about this ahead of selecting all my lenses for the 5D.