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One Month, One Lens #2.1 50mm Conclusion

It was kind of a short month and enough bad weather to keep me from shooting an awful lot. Anyhow I raised the camera to my eye as often as possible, to train to see in 50mm. What should I say: I got better in it but it is still not my way of seeing.

I kind of like the focal length for  architecture still but not enough to keep it in the long run. 35mm and 85mm are definitely my preferred tools for street, portrait and Landscape over the 50mm.

I will hold on to my Series E for its small size and different field of view to what I like (sometimes there has to be something different, hasn't it?).

So after all. The Series E is a nice 50mm with good image quality, nice mechanical features and a size that lets it get out of the way on many occasions! If the 50 is your style, definitely consider picking up one of these!