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Focus Peaking after NX300M Firmware Update


So after the firmware update of my NX300M I had the impression that the focus peaking was improved and I tried to validate this yesterday. I went out and took random shots at different apertures with my Minolta MC 50mm f1.4. I just used it to snap away as before but only relied on the focus peaking instead of the magnifier. The resulting images are sharp as long as you notice that the peaking increases in size as parts of the image get more and more into focus. You have to go a little back and forth to nail it but it is much more apparent than before the update. All in all I'm very happy with the improvement!

Sadly there is also something bad to report after the update. I had a lot of pictures with a green tint around the edges, that I never noticed before. It wasn't there with the old firmware!
After digging around in the thing called world wide web for two seconds, I discovered that I had been lucky till now! The color cast with manual glas seems to be a problem of the vignetting correction on Samsung cameras! Matt Everglade as well as a discussion on dpreview describe the exact problem! I will try the mentioned workaround!

Here are some samples taken yesterday with the Minolta. Clicking on them brings you to my flickr page and full resolution samples!