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3x defect, 3x a month, 3x "nothing" - Samsung NX Service needs improvement badly!

So, I sent my NX20 to the Samsung service about two months ago, which as the only advantage gave me the opportunity to test and review the Galaxy NX. The NX20 was gone for 3 weeks as its light meter froze frequently when I used manual glas and the aperture of my bright lenses (85mm, 60mm, 30mm) kept hanging up and stayed closed. In most of these cases I had to remove the battery to get the camera working again. In other words I couldn’t trust the camera anymore for every day’s shooting.

I had previously sent in my NX11 to the Samsung service as firstly my hot shoe didn’t fire my Yong Nuo flashlight. Secondly the coating of the rear screen was pealing off from the edges of the frame.

The answer on all three occasions was that there were no defects found. The first problem with the flash was gone after a later Firmware update. The second service incident resulted in a new screen but the protocol stated “nothing had been done...”.
Concerning the NX20 problem the camera was sent back again with the comment that there is nothing wrong with it and there was nothing done, apparently. There had been a firmware update shortly before I sent the camera to the Samsung service. The firmware was still the old version when it came back to me from Samsung. This indicates that the Samsung Service didn’t check the camera properly. The minimum expectation is that they at least install the latest firmware version. It would’ve at least seemed as if they had done some sort of testing. The service report again stated that there was nothing wrong with the camera but the defect still occurred and of course I was very frustrated during my vacation.

I shot four pictures today demonstrating the problem. First shot shows the settings of the camera, the second one is the resulting picture (you see nothing), the third one shows the measurement by the camera and the last shot demonstrates the aperture set on the lens. Camera was set to “manual” but it happens in every mode.

MeasurementAfter the shotSettingSetting2

As you can see, the camera thinks that it has the perfect measurement but is actually totally off. I had to take out the battery and put it back in to get it working again...

The only positive experience was that the camera came back to me through the hands of the
Photohaus, who told me that they will think about a suggestion for me in to replace this faulty camera. Thank you, dear Photohaus team!

If it wasn’t for my big investment in lenses for the Samsung system and the continuing great support from my friends at the Photohaus, I would really leave Samsung at this time!