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real world review of the Tamron adaptall-2 28mm f2.5

19. June 2019

When talking about a small kit today, everybody thinks mirrorless camera. The truth is that this is only valid as long as the lenses are small, which isn't always the case, especially when talking full frame. That's why I currently really enjoy my small kit. It's my "big" Nikon D750 DSLR equipped with the knobby and unobtrusive Tamron 28mm f2.5 of old. This little lens features a 49mm filter thread and is smaller than most 50mm lenses today. Granted it doesn't feature autofocus but apart from that it is much much better built than most modern consumer lenses and feels really pocketable on the D750.

The lens has a short minimum focus distance of 0.25m or 10". It is reasonably sharp wide open and bitingly sharp stopped down to f5.6-f8. The focus ring is really well damped and the aperture stops klick in place like a clockwork. Perfect mechanically sweetness. Complementing this is the genius mount system of Tamron from that age. Me lens came with a Olympus OM Mount and I exchanged it for a Nikon mount to be used on my D750 or a Minolta MD for my NEX-5. It is a brilliant system I wish they would have somehow kept.

My copy of the lens was shot on eBay for a ridiculous small price of 25€. Ridiculous? Why it's not a unreasonable price for an old medium fast wide angle. Well, mine came with the original case, cap, packaging, sealed strap for the case, warranty card and manual!!! It a lens from 1974! Even if it is a late sample it was produced only until 1991... That's so cool, getting a piece of this age in perfect packaging! I'm happy!

Using this lens is a breeze. It focuses smoothly and consistent throughout the range and the optical quality doesn't disappoint. I got a third party lens hood to get rid of some of the flare and if shot wide open, it can get a little dreamy at times but apart from that it is a wonderfull lens which needs no extra sharpening and little to no colour corrections.
Also, the close focus pictures are impressively good, even wide open. Something that Tamron kept being good at through the years and still today! It's no macro replacement but perfect for flowers, food, toys, details and so on.

I like it for its small profile and perfect image quality at f8, which makes it the perfect zone focusing Street lens for me. It also renders quite nicely when shot wide open and playing around with "shallow" depth of field in wide angles is always fun!

Enjoy the pictures and feel free to write to me if you have any questions or recommendations! 

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