Podcasters don't get enough love

10. February 2021

I listen to podcasts a lot via pocketcasts and before that via iTunes. I''ve always noted that browsing through them was different but couldn't really make out why. Then I recently listened to an episode of Tyler Stalmann's "Stalmann Podcast". He pointed out that Podcasts don't get recommended but need to spread by word of mouth because the podcast apps miss the "user that have listened to this, have also listened to that" feature, you get when watching YouTube or shopping on Amazon. You have to find what you like yourself or through recommendations the old way.

So here we go, what do I listen to right now and what would I recommend to you to listen to!

Both Stalman Podcasts, "cameras or whatever" (best title ever...) and "the stalman pocast" are great shows. Great guests from the industry. Very informative tech talk and creative insights. And a big one: I really like Tyler's voice! Calm, warm but very easy to understand.

The verge: the flagship podcast of theverge.com. Again speakers like Dieter Bohn and Nilay Patel are very easy to listen to. Topics are wide spread and very interesting. Mostly tech but law and politics as well.

Here's the thing: Alec Baldwin interviews people from the entertainment industry, movies, comedy and theater. It's always interesting and often very funny! I really like his voice even tought it can be hard to understand sometimes for someone like me who is not a native speaker.

Those are the four podcasts that never leave my devices. I listen to some more but I haven't made my mind up completely about them. Anyhow, they are all worth a try (through Pocketcast for example):

- The creative exchange by Sarah Dietschy
- Completely (optional) knowledge: fun and short listen!
- The talk show with John Gruber
- Future perfect
- Short stuff

I hope you guys find something in my recommendations and give those people some love! They are doing great things and podcasters don't get the same direct response as YouTubers. They talk into the ether and hope that people enjoy it and keep listening! Cudos to all those great people! 

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