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Do it like Fuji!

I shoot Nikon and love my D750. A good friend of mine shoots the original X100 and tells me every time we meet, how impressed he still is and how Fuji keeps killing it caveats with every Firmware update a little more. I was in the market for a Lightroom alternative for some weeks now and have finally decided on Luminar by MacPhun. Why did I choose Luminar, because Macphun does it like Fuji. They have released Luminar and told everyone what they plan for the near future. Not even a month into the release, MacPhun gave birth to the first update and already fulfilled a lot of the promises made on release.
Both Fuji and now MacPhun communicate their plans for the consumer relatively open and they stay true to their promises. Also I don't have the feeling of getting something 90% percent nice and than having to pay for the company to try and get it 100% right.
With Adobe Lightroom, more and more releases are nice to get when you have the subscription anyway but didn't persuade me to upgrade my Lightroom on a full prize basis.
I think, that this strategy has a big part in Fujis mirrorless success. Talking to the users and getting them to love their products even more, the longer they use them. The same goes for MacPhun. I hope they keep that pace true!

I'm working on more and longer articles but wanted to get this out! Have a nice Christmas everyone!