First Bees of the year

23. February 2021

Today I was on my daily lunch break walk around my house. We have a little forest area on the other side of the canal next to our house in the middle of Hamburg. Usually I focus on looking up after Birds. Mainly I tend to get some tits, robins, pigeons and from time to time a woodpecker. Today I got not only that but looked down at the fresh crocuses that came out all over the woodland floor in the last some days and spotted the first bees this year. Its 16°C in Hamburg today after a harsh shift in weather last week but I wouldn't have thought that it was enough to get the bees flying.

The bees, I think, are common western honeybees (Apis mellifera). They are the most common bees around here and are the ones used by the beekeepers mainly. I can't tell where there are beekeepers aroung our home but as the bees only fly around 150m max from their home it has to be somewhat near. Maybe I can find it the next days.

I got my tripod out and low to the ground and used my Olympus 50-200mm with the 1.4x Teleconverter at 280mm stopped down to f5.6 to capture the following photos with my E-5.

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