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Podcasters don't get enough love

I listen to podcasts a lot via pocketcasts and before that via iTunes. I''ve always noted that browsing through them was different but couldn't really make out why. Then I recently listened to an episode of Tyler Stalmann's "Stalmann Podcast". He pointed out that Podcasts don't get recommended but need to spread by word of mouth because the podcast apps miss the "user that have listened to this, have also listened to that" feature, you get when watching YouTube or shopping on Amazon. You have to find what you like yourself or through recommendations the old way.


So here we go, what do I listen to right now and what would I recommend to you to listen to!
  • Both Stalman Podcasts, "cameras or whatever" (best title ever...) and "the stalman pocast" are great shows. Great guests from the industry. Very informative tech talk and creative insights. And a big one: I really like Tyler's voice! Calm, warm but very easy to understand. (,

  • The Vergecast: the flagship podcast of Again speakers like Dieter Bohn and Nilay Patel are very easy to listen to. Topics are wide spread and very interesting. Mostly tech but law and politics as well. (

  • Here's the thing: Alec Baldwin interviews people from the entertainment industry, movies, comedy and theater. It's always interesting and often very funny! I really like his voice even tought it can be hard to understand sometimes for someone like me who is not a native speaker. (
Those are the four podcasts that never leave my devices. I listen to some more but I haven't made my mind up completely about them. Anyhow, they are all worth a try:
I hope you guys find something in my recommendations and give those people some love! They are doing great things and podcasters don't get the same direct response as YouTubers. They talk into the ether and hope that people enjoy it and keep listening! Cudos to all those great people!

Walking small in Maastricht | Sony NEX-5 Shootingexperience in 2018

After my father past away this February, I have taken his NEX-5 not to be forgotten in a closet. As an option to my Nikon D750, it brings me back to the joy of mirrorless that I always loved about my Samsung cameras…


One Month, One Lens #2.1 50mm Conclusion

It was kind of a short month and enough bad weather to keep me from shooting an awful lot. Anyhow I raised the camera to my eye as often as possible, to train to see in 50mm. What should I say: I got better in it but it is still not my way of seeing.Read more...

One Month, One Lens #2 50mm

In advance: I have shot lots of very nice images with 50mm lenses. I also hate the 50mm focal length.


Do it like Fuji!

I shoot Nikon and love my D750. A good friend of mine shoots the original X100 and tells me every time we meet, how impressed he still is and how Fuji keeps killing it caveats with every Firmware update a little more. I was in the market for a Lightroom alternative for some weeks now and have finally decided on Luminar by MacPhun. Why did I choose Luminar, because Macphun does it like Fuji. They have released Luminar and told everyone what they plan for the near future. Not even a month into the release, MacPhun gave birth to the first update and already fulfilled a lot of the promises made on release.
Both Fuji and now MacPhun communicate their plans for the consumer relatively open and they stay true to their promises. Also I don't have the feeling of getting something 90% percent nice and than having to pay for the company to try and get it 100% right.
With Adobe Lightroom, more and more releases are nice to get when you have the subscription anyway but didn't persuade me to upgrade my Lightroom on a full prize basis.
I think, that this strategy has a big part in Fujis mirrorless success. Talking to the users and getting them to love their products even more, the longer they use them. The same goes for MacPhun. I hope they keep that pace true!

I'm working on more and longer articles but wanted to get this out! Have a nice Christmas everyone!

Wrapping up the year - state of my nation

2015 has been very nice to me. I was able to enjoy most of the year in the company of my first son all day. Additionally the last quarter of 2015 brought a new, bigger flat and a new, more exciting, more challenging job to the table. It was a really really good year aside from my photography.
Concerning photography it has been an interesting year. I left Samsung and sold all my NX equipment to get back to DSLR. It was the right move for me for many reasons, not only for the fact that Samsung might ditch their NX camera business on the whole but also as I rediscovered the joy of seeing the world through a Pentaprism instead of a "crappy little television", to quote camerastoretv host Nick Devlin.
I also slimmed down my gear to only having four lenses (28mm, 50mm, 85mm and 135mm) ,the two wider ones being autofocus. It would have saved me some money and a lot of time if I had gotten to this point right after selling my mirrorless gear but this is not the way how life goes.
Concerning creativity I learned a lot from my One Month, One Lens project and will try to bring this experiment to 2016 as well. Aside from this, I mostly photographed my kid and tremendously enjoyed the faster AF perfomance of my SLR compared to my mirrorless before.
I learned to appreciate the "real" focal lengths of full frame and became a little addicted to my fast 28mm.

I also learnd the downs of bigger sensors, such as the corner performance of lenses, which has never been something I was very worried about with my APS-C, let alone 4/3rds, cameras.  Also, the Fullframe sensor hasn't brought as much to the table of image quality as I have though beforehand.
I don't know what 2016 will bring but 2015 ends very nicely for me and I'm looking forward anxiously.
A merry christmas and happy new year to all of you!

One Month, One Lens #1.2 Conclusion on the 28mm

It's already been a month, I thinkto myself today, 11.10.2015 as I write this article. I wouldn't have though that time went by so fast and maybe it wouldn't, if there hadn't been a toddler around in my life.Read more...

Copying one person is called stealing, copying multiple is called research - Youtube discoveries

Recently, I've become bored with the notoriously "must be funny" videos of DigitalRev. Also thecamerastoretv didn't put out a lot of content either. I have noticed this more and more now, as I'm at home, caring for my son since nearly ten months. I always watched a lot of youtube videos, starting of with the enthusiastic Gordon Liang of back in the days.

One Month One Lens #1.1 28mm

It has been another week with the 28mm f1.8 glued to my 5D. Recently I've figured out more and more what the field of view of that 28mm is like. I played around a lot with trying to look in 28mm as well. It is as if the field of view of the lens ends just shortly outside the borders of my sharp sight.

OMOL-11

One Month One Lens #1 28mm

Some days ago, adoramatv posted a video on youtube rediscovering an article, Steve Huff wrote back in June 2011 about how shooting with a single focal length over a period of half a year can benefit your creativity…