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23. February 2021

First bees of the year


Today I looked down at the fresh crocuses that came out all over the woodland floor in the last some days and spotted the first bees I saw this year. Its 16°C in Hamburg today after a harsh shift in weather last week but I wouldn't have thought that it was enough to get the bees flying...

10. February 2021

Podcasters don't get enough love


I listen to podcasts a lot via pocketcasts and before that via iTunes. I''ve always noted that browsing through them was different but couldn't really make out why. Then I recently listened to an episode of Tyler Stalmann's "Stalmann Podcast". He pointed out that Podcasts don't get recommended but need to spread by word of mouth because the podcast apps miss the "user that have listened to this, have also listened to that" feature, you get when watching YouTube or shopping on Amazon. You have to find what you like yourself or through recommendations the old way. 

04 Oktober 2020



So, everybody is always making fun of the following sentence: „Hey, this is a huge and expensive camera! You must be a really awesome photographer!“
Then there are people like Chase Jarvis who stand for the mantra: „The best camera is the one you have with you!“ 

09 Januar 2017

One Month, One lens #2


Disclaimer: I have lots of very nice images shot with 50mm lenses. I also hate the 50mm focal length.

When you read an article about which lens every photographer should own, the answer is a 50mm. When I refer to 50mm in this post, I mean in 35mm terms, i.e. 30-35mm on APS-C, 25mm on Fourthirds and 18mm on 1". I have tried a lot of 50mm from Nikon, Samsung, Sigma, Canon and Olympus. I don't get a connection to them, eventhough I tend to get some great results out of them. The 50mm was always kind of the most unliked lens in my arsenal but also the one I wanted to master, because everybody has to have a 50mm after all... doesn't he? 

15 December 2015

One Month, One lens #1


Some days ago, adoramatv posted a video on youtube rediscovering an article, Steve Huff wrote back in June 2011 about how shooting with a single focal length over a period of half a year can benefit your creativity. The guy in the video made a challenge out of it, where he asked his colleague to go out with just one lens for one day and see what it does to their photography. I knew that article by Steve Huff already and thought to myself that one day might be a little too short. Everyone has gone with just one focal length for a day sometime and it didn't make their creativity explode. Half a year though is a pretty long time, so as it was exactly one month till my little toddler goes to KiTa (which is like pre-Kindergarten in Germany), I decided do this one month long: One month, One lens!

11. July 2015

Hamburg City Nord - Blue Hour


Yesterday Evening, I took the opportunity of a brilliantly clear sky and pleasant temperatures to take stroll during the blue hour.

I always wanted to visit City Nord with my camera but never took the 10 min ride with the bus for some reason. Yesterday I did. I took my tripod and my new toy, the classic Canon 5D and my tripod and went on the bus. 

                04 Oktober 2015

Copying one person is called stealing,...


Recently, I've become bored with the notoriously "must be funny" videos of DigitalRev and the like


Three years of Ireland


This country has gotten us by surprise and seen us three years in a row.

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